What is ‘brand’?

In days gone by, brand was viewed as something that only big businesses had. Today, things are different: every business has a brand. And you need to be sure that your brand is the right fit for you and for your business.

Brand is often confused with just a logo. While a logo is important, there’s much more to it. So what is brand? It’s how you treat your customers, it’s the customer experience, it’s your marketing material, it’s how the phone is answered, it’s how your office looks, it’s the value you add… Put simply, it’s how people perceive you.

It’s essential to have a brand that’s genuine.
Never pretend to be something you’re not – keep it real.

Think about some successful brands and what they represent, and you’ll start to get the picture: Harley Davidson = freedom, Volvo = safety, Mercedes = luxury, and Apple = design and innovation.

Engaged employees build strong brands

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