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Hi There. Assuming you have arrived at this contact page because you want your business to stand out.
Love a good chat. I look forward to speaking to you.

I am based in Newcastle but I am often in Sydney on business. I will be setting up an office in Sydney in the near future. Location is not a problem though and with technology we can do meetings on Zoom if you are located in other parts of the country or even overseas. My clients reach as far as Canada.

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Hello curious one, click here?

You are a curious person

I work well with business owners who are curious to explore the unknown. A curious mind could be interested to defy ordinary. Don’t be scared to be different be scared to be the same as your competitors.

When you search the internet so many small businesses all seem to look and sound the same. They are all pretty predictable and lack impact. There only seems to be a handful of small businesse websites that actually jump out at you. It makes me wonder why. Surely they do not believe they have an ordinary business, then why do they not invest in their brand?

Having a memorable brand is a business investment. Why? It is crowded out there. You want stand out from your competitors. Right? Being different makes it easier for buyers to remember you and find you. Successful businesses are the ones whose brands stand out by being instantly recognisable.

Make your brand more appealing and attract the right customers.

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Stand Out Brand Brochure Portfolio

Brochures for the
full story

Printed brochures are far from dead. Many believe websites has taken the place of brochures. What has lapsed is marketing material being sent through the mail. You have a great opportunity open to you to stand out. Post brochures to prospective contacts and include a hand written note. It is these personal touches that can make a difference. Think about it… how often do you get things mailed to you?

Often I recommend to small businesses to have small brochures as they are not bulky and can be useful to have in addition to your business card. Postcards are also another useful marketing tool.

Apparently us humans have the attention span less than that of a gold fish… I have often wondered who does the testing with gold fish. Anyhoooo… the point is we have to work hard to grab attention these days.

Whatever it takes people. You need to STAND OUT.

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Brand Workshops

Personal Brand Half Day Workshops  
Cost $297+GST – Small groups of just 6 people

Let’s face it so hard to be noticed in today’s competitive market. 

The three main Issues we face are: 

Distraction – with the average attention span now just 8 seconds that is apparently one second less than a gold fish. Information overload and messages makes it extremely hard to cut through the noise. 

Competition – the internet has made it easy for every business or individual to have information about themselves. Competition does not exist just in your region but potentially worldwide. 

Commoditisation – if you do not have a clear point of difference that can mean you can only compete on price. 


Here is a quote that blows people away… 

“85% of your financial success is due to personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly only 15% is due to technical knowledge.” – Carnegie Institute of Technology. 

At the workshop you will learn to communicate in a way that captures attention so you can effectively combat distraction and make meaningful connections. 

You will receive your own personal brand assessment and booklet with tips on how to effectively communicate with other personality types. 

Come along and let’s identify what makes you stand out. 

 Cost $297+GST

Brand Workshops are a fun, focused way to breathe life into both your business brand and your personal brand.

The success of your business hinges on the ability to make an impact on your ideal customers. This in turn secures your position as a leader in your field. Let Janelle share her many years’ experience in advertising, marketing and branding with you during a half-day or a full-day Brand Workshop, and let the transformation begin!

Branding is far more than just your logo or business name. It encompasses many things that communicate who you are, what you do, and how your customers feel about you.

Stand Out Brand offers a 360-degree approach to brand. It’s about identifying your unique differences and creating an authentic brand that Stands Out in a crowded market place. Janelle’s innovative and forward-thinking approach defies ordinary. She shuns trends to create a timeless brand that lasts and grows with your company.

We’ll ensure you Stand Out for all the right reasons and attract the best customers for your business. You’ll enjoy the Brand Workshop experience and find the results a perfect fit for you and your business values.

Bring your entrepreneurial mindset and be ready
to embrace bold ideas!

Be quick to secure your place

If sold out call
0414 395 125

Call 0414 395 125

Brand Storm

Brand Storm generates practical, creative marketing ideas that work

In a Brand Storm session we’ll harness some serious energy to generate ideas that fit your brand and budget and get you more business.

Together we’ll develop unique ways to market your business so you Stand Out from your competitors.
You’ll complete a questionnaire before the session to identify your unique differences and the traits that your target market connect with. Then we’ll focus on those differences so your business will Stand Out in a crowded market.

You’ll find your Brand Storm fun and the outcome rewarding.

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Brand Review

Your Brand Review

Brand Review provides an honest, independent
appraisal of your brand.

A great way to find out what to do next and why! We’ll take a close look at your brand so you know which areas need attention. We’ll assess the good and the bad… the high points and the low points… where you are now compared to where you probably should be. We’ll ask – and answer – the tough questions:

• Does your brand fit your values?
• Is your brand looking a little tired?
• Does your brand look professional?
• Is your brand consistent?
• Does your brand Stand Out?

A Brand Review is the first step in identifying what to improve.

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Stand Out Brand Blog

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About the story of Stand Out Brand

Don’t just stand there – Stand Out!

Hi, I’m Janelle Gerrard. Welcome to Stand Out Brand.
I created Stand Out Brand to help entrepreneurial business owners establish a truly genuine brand that gets noticed – a brand that engages and connects with your ideal customer.

Have you ever heard anyone describe their business as ordinary? Unlikely, because none of them are! So why do businesses struggle to attract attention in a crowded marketplace? Probably because their brand is… well, a bit bland. Forgettable. On the beige side of ‘look at me!’ Perhaps they’ve never really spent time on their brand at all.

That’s where I come in with Stand Out Brand and my band of merry branders. Together we’ll get to the core of your personal brand and your business brand. Then I’ll show you how to make your brand memorable for all the right reasons, to the right customers.

Who is Janelle Gerrard?

Creating new brands from scratch, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is my idea of fun! That’s why I’ve immersed myself in branding, marketing and graphic design for the past 30+ years. Before launching into life as a small business owner, I worked for leading international advertising agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, and Young & Rubicam, as well as with high-end design studios.

Geographically, I’ve been based in Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter region in New South Wales, Australia. But thanks to cyberspace, physical location is not a factor in who or where my clients are.

I find the creative process a hugely enriching journey. I’ve been lucky enough to have helped many well-known brands over the years, such as – please indulge me while I name-drop! – Amex, P&O, Oroton, George Jensen/Royal Copenhagen, Revlon, Oral-B, Sydney Olympic Games, Braun, Rentokil and, more recently, the University of Newcastle, Hunter Valley Gardens and KitchenAid.

These days my passion lies with small businesses, and as I run one myself, I understand the challenges they present. I now work predominately with small business owners and get enormous joy watching my clients and their businesses thrive.

“Why am I different?”
“Because I listen, I research, I test, I collaborate, I educate, I create, and I deliver unique design and branding solutions that add value to my client’s business.”

Janelle Gerrard is your Brand Expert
Click on Let’s Talk for a time to chat
OR call me on
0414 395 125

Call 0414 395 125

Brand Creation

Brand Creation with Stand Out Brand

Brand Creation captures the essence of your brand through clever design.

The look and feel created ensures you Stand Out from the crowd. With the focus of Brand Creation on graphic design, we can use your existing brand as a basis for some serious tweaking, or develop a whole new design. During Brand Creation we’ll capture the elements that make your brand and your business unique.

If your branding and marketing materials look tired, old, homemade, or just plain boring that’s exactly what potential customers will think about the quality of your products and services.

In business, image is everything. It’s crowded out there so it’s Stand Out Brand’s job to capture the very essence of your business so you’ll… well, Stand Out! Stand Out Brand gets to core of what sets you apart from others in your industry, field or profession.

Designing is something that I just love. For over 30 years, I’ve helped companies from around the world develop extraordinary brands and communicate their ‘personality’ through unique, creative designs. I still get excited creating looks that define the customer’s unique offering. The emphasis is on unique… every business is different.

See for yourself how I’ve used graphic design to help create magnetic, compelling brands.

• Logo design
• Corporate ID
• Web Design
• Stationery
• Brochures
• Advertising
• Packaging and displays

My experience in working for some of the biggest ad agencies in Australia and injecting new life into thousands of businesses means that I have the expertise and know-how to turn your ordinary brand into an extraordinary one!

Call 0414 395 125

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