Let brand expert Janelle Gerrard
make your branding impossible to resist

Do you stand out?

You are unique.
There is only one of you.
If you don’t stand out, you should!
Because you’re unique and so is your business.

Today’s marketplace is crowded yet it’s full of predictable and, frankly, bland brands.
We live in a ‘sea of same’. Can your business afford to be beige? Blend in? Fade away?
Disappear altogether? Of course not. That’s why you need to Stand Out!

It’s all about brand.

Your brand is a hugely valuable asset, so rise above the sea of same. Beat your own drum.
Unlock your business personality. Get noticed. Articulate how and why you’re different.
Make your brand unforgettable.

The brains behind Stand Out Brand is Janelle Gerrard. Together, Janelle and her on-call team of Stand Out individuals have a wide variety of expertise to assist in capturing the essence of you and your business. Janelle has worked on some of the world’s biggest brands during her extensive career in advertising, design and brand positioning.

Being a small business owner herself she understands the challenges we all face in surviving this ever-changing commercial landscape.

Engaging people long enough to tell them about what you offer is hard when our online attention spans rival those of goldfish. So Janelle works closely with you and your business to clearly define your differences and develop a brand that gets noticed.

You know you’re great at what you do – let it show, with Stand Out Brand.

Have a chat with crusader against bland brands, Janelle Gerrard

Here are just a few examples of logo designs created that encapsulates the individual brand.

To stand out means creating a brand that feels genuine. Your brand articulates your uniqueness.

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