The crusade against the bland brand

Crazy or Passionate?
You be the judge.

All jokes aside It has to be one the most boring times for small business brands. With so many small businesses choosing to ignore the importance of having a distinct brand that stands out from their
competitors. They are opting is for predictable and bland brands.

Living in a time where increasingly you see good ideas copied or businesses choosing to DIY rather than invest in their business. It is not just me who has noticed this trend. I read an article in the NSW Business Chamber’s magazine where Russel Howcroft from Gruen said “You need to visually stand out from the crowd. Even with limited budgets, there are basic marketing techniques that any business can apply. Looking different and unique is not that hard to do, but it’s surprisingly rare.” He said to forget the relentless pursuit of efficiency. Small Businesses need to focus on blue-sky creativity to generate growth in a slow economic market. I say “Thank you Russel for saying this.

Brand is not just for big business.
Every business has a brand.

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