Personal Brand

Personal brand goes beyond how you look

Personal brand is how people remember and perceive you as a whole. Are you fun, are you a good listener, are you creative, are you good with people, are you confident, are you professional and so on. How you dress and your appearance is the superficial part but it often the first impression so really worth making an effort to dress appropriately. Personal brand is what you believe in, what you stand for, what makes you…YOU.

The popularity of social media has changed us forever and now people want to know more about individuals. Your personal brand you build is perhaps the most important way to stand out in your circles of influence.

Your personal brand is a competitive edge that separates you from your competition in the minds of potential employers and customers.

How to leverage your personal brand

Ultimately people choose to do business with people they can relate to. Your website’s ‘About Us’ page is really important and you should spend time on getting it right…because this is often the most visited page after your home page. My suggestion is to ideally make a personal connection on the home page to create intrigue and will most likely having people wanting to know more about you and your employees.

What makes you different?

My workshops are perfect to decipher what makes you different. You will given a do testing which will help you articulate your unique qualities and how people perceive you. Australians are a modest bunch and tend not to talk up their unique qualities for fear of appearing to be as we aussies say “up themselves”.

There is a big difference between being cocky and being confident. Having confidence in yourself will take you a long way.

Apart from your mother who else will sing your praises?

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