Why the change?

When old becomes new

For almost 20 years, my business was called Design Change. However, to adapt to a moving marketplace, Design Change has morphed into Stand Out Brand. Why?
Because Stand Out Brand offers a broader, overall brand solution instead of focusing on just the visual brand. After so many years it was a big step saying goodbye to Design Change, and I’m not ashamed to admit that it was a little hard letting go! But the name Stand Out Brand says it all.


To help my clients
even more

In 2017 I introduced a fantastic brand system from the US. Having been developed by an award-winning leader in advertising for me added credibility to this truly ground-breaking way of looking at brand.

With years of experience in advertising myself I was so impressed with the speed and accuracy of the reporting that I decided to undertake further training to become an accredited advisor giving a more indepth knowledge of the system. Using the system allows me to establish the brand that’s the right fit for you and your business very quickly. It’s producing amazing results for my clients.

Being an accredited advisor also allows me to run fantastic business and personal brand workshops. Perfect for small business owners and also individuals who want to articulate their unique differences.

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