Brochures for the full story

Printed brochures are far from dead. Many believe websites have taken the place of brochures. What has lapsed is marketing material being sent through the mail. You have a great opportunity open to you to stand out. Post brochures to prospective contacts and include a hand written note. It is these personal touches that can make a difference. Think about it… how often do you get things mailed to you?

Often I recommend to small businesses to have small brochures as they are not bulky and can be useful to have in addition to your business card. Postcards are also another useful marketing tool.

Apparently us humans have the attention span less than that of a gold fish… I have often wondered who does the testing with gold fish. Anyhoooo… the point is we have to work hard to grab attention these days.

Whatever it takes people. You need to STAND OUT.

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