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Hi, I’m Janelle Gerrard. Welcome to Stand Out Brand.
I created Stand Out Brand to help entrepreneurial business owners establish a truly genuine brand that gets noticed – a brand that engages and connects with your ideal customer.

Have you ever heard anyone describe their business as ordinary? Unlikely, because none of them are! So why do businesses struggle to attract attention in a crowded marketplace? Probably because their brand is… well, a bit bland. Forgettable. On the beige side of ‘look at me!’ Perhaps they’ve never really spent time on their brand at all.

That’s where I come in with Stand Out Brand and my band of merry branders. Together we’ll get to the core of your personal brand and your business brand. Then I’ll show you how to make your brand memorable for all the right reasons, to the right customers.

Who is Janelle Gerrard?

Creating new brands from scratch, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is my idea of fun! That’s why I’ve immersed myself in branding, marketing and graphic design for the past 30+ years. Before launching into life as a small business owner, I worked for leading international advertising agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, and Young & Rubicam, as well as with high-end design studios.

Geographically, I’ve been based in Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter region in New South Wales, Australia. But thanks to cyberspace, physical location is not a factor in who or where my clients are.

I find the creative process a hugely enriching journey. I’ve been lucky enough to have helped many well-known brands over the years, such as – please indulge me while I name-drop! – Amex, P&O, Oroton, George Jensen/Royal Copenhagen, Revlon, Oral-B, Sydney Olympic Games, Braun, Rentokil and, more recently, the University of Newcastle, Hunter Valley Gardens and KitchenAid.

These days my passion lies with small businesses, and as I run one myself, I understand the challenges they present. I now work predominately with small business owners and get enormous joy watching my clients and their businesses thrive.

“Why am I different?”
“Because I listen, I research, I test, I collaborate, I educate, I create, and I deliver unique design and branding solutions that add value to my client’s business.”

Janelle Gerrard is your Brand Expert
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